Little known fact: I’m sexier than Ryan Gosling

imageDo you recognize the woman in this photo? I’ll give you a hint: you might have seen her in a magazine ad but not this photo. No, she’s not a model, but could have been one; she’s a very beautiful woman. Her hair is straight in the photo but it is naturally curly and makes some women jealous. She’s also known to have soft skin and great tone.

If you were thinking maybe she’s modeled hair or skin products you’d be wrong. She could, but that’s not her field. Perhaps the next photo will help. She’s been caught candidly in photographs all dressed up looking very sexy out on the town. She’s known to enjoy a fancy night out with all the classy trimmings: good wine, good food, and good music. No, she’s not a famous socialite from a wealthy family like a Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. (She has actual talents beyond looks and being born into the “right” family.)

imageHere’s another hint: she’s saved many lives. No, she wasn’t on Baywatch even though she looks like she could have been. She saved them while wearing blue scrubs, not a red bathing suit. No, she wasn’t on Scrubs, ER, House, or any other hospital show. She actually saved lives in real life.

Still haven’t guessed? Here’s a big hint: she was romantically pursued by Ryan Gosling. No, it’s not Blake Lively, Rachel McAdams, or Eva Mendes. He pursued her, but she turned him down. However, when asked about it she does mention that she gave him her leather necklace because he was so in love with her.

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