Model Camera Russell gives an impressive TEDx talk. It didn’t go where I was expecting, which is perhaps part of her message. She was raw and introspective while being articulate and entertaining, all in under ten minutes. I found this appropriate for Ad Nausica, primarily a scientific-minded blog, because she does a great job of recognizing that there is an evolved, instinctive, biological drive for selecting beauty but that culture and historical happenstance play a big part in the finer details what gets portrayed as beauty in modern society. I’m also impressed at her recognition of chance of circumstance in her success, a lesson that many in the world of business and finance should learn from books such as Leonard Mlodinow’s “The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules our Lives" and Burton Malkiel’s classic "A Random Walk Down Wall Street”. This does not mean talent or merit play no part, of course, just that you can’t attribute success solely (or mostly) to either or failure to the lack of both.